Airsoft Sites:

Airsoftgun.ru - THE site for Russian airsoft (a.k.a. strikeball).  Be sure to say hi on their english forum!

North East Airsoft Group - The main airsoft community in the American north-east.

Arnie's Airsoft - One of the pillars of the world airsoft community, with invaluable articles. 

UK Airsoft Community - A frequent hangout for our members from the United Kingdom.




Russian kit

Red Soldier - Great site for Russian Gear and optics.

Russian Combat Gear - Great source for many types of modern Russian gear, with an excellent forum.

Lenin's Legacy - Good source for hard-to-find Soviet equipment 

Born in the USSR

Trident Military - Overpriced, but excellent as a reference source

Collect Russia - Cold war uniforms and gear

Best of Russia - Good prices on head gear, though expect a long wait for delivery. 

VegasBee - Great Source for Russian and Soviet Patches

ArmyBook - Russian military manuals, books and magazines galore.





Long Island Airsoft - Good people, good selection.  10% discount for Red Alliance members!

Airsoft Atlanta

AirsoftShop - Great prices on custom guns.  Located Hong Kong.

DenTrinity - Massive parts and gun seller. Located in Hong Kong.

Wargamers - Massive parts/guns seller.  Located in Hong Kong. 

UN Company - Parts, Guns, and upgrades.  Located in Hong Kong.

War4Toys - Prices vary, but sometimes have AK stuff that cant be found anywhere else.

SlingsOnly - Three point Tactical Slings.




RussianArms - Comprehensive site on weapons, equipment, and the russian military.

Soviet Army - Growing site with some useful information

Russian Warrior - Great illustrated site on Russian and Soviet history and equipment. 

Anatomiya Armii - Interesting tactics info (trans. from Russian)



Camo and Equipment

WARGEARWEB.ORG - Camouflage from around the world, lots of great shots modelled by our very own Camo.

Kamouflage.net - Thousands of examples of camouflage patterns from around the world.

Soviet Uniforms and Regulations - Pictures of full Soviet kit, medals, and insignia.

Eastern European Camouflage - Camouflage of the satellite nations.

Mark's Camouflage Uniforms of Russia 

Glen's Soviet/Russian Military & Police Site - Useful reference photos of patches and apparell.

Orders and Medals of the Red Army

Russian Combat Vehicles 

Splav - Official homepage of a manufacturer of current Russian gear

ANA - Official homepage of a manufacturer of current Russian gear

Sposn - Official homepage of a manufacturer of current Russian gear





world.guns.ru - Phenomenal catalogue of the modern weapons of the world.

inert-ord - Eastern bloc grenades

Grenade Recognition Manual - Eastern bloc grenades

kalashnikov.ru - official website of the kalashnikov rifle, offers an overview, including prototypes.

Tantal's Collectors Source - In-depth exhibits of kalashnikovs, their bayonets, optics and accesories.




Igor's Chechnya Gallery - Hundreds of moving, high quality images. 

Afghan War Gallery - Good collection of Afghantsi photos.

MillitaryPhotos.net - Immature crowd, but great pictures.

Corbis - Search here for hundreds of publication quality images.

Kalashnikov Variants - Hi-res pictures, expect a long time to wait.. but worth it.




 Official/agency links:

Rusarm - Homepage of the russian state arsenal

MVD - Internal Security (formerly KGB) 

FSB - Internal Security

VDV - Russian Airborne


Russian Translators

Online Russian Translator - The best one out there!

Paralink Translator - Another very good one

BabelFish - Online translator for browsing entire russian websites in the language of your choice.